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Taylor Swift performs Love Story for the Teen Awards

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*walks out of the movie theater and it’s still daytime* what the fuck

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But as much as I loved the time I spent away from the show, I loved the time I spent at the show more. I got to spend day after week after month after year working and fooling around with four people you’ve come to know very well. That’s right, kids—How I Met Your Mother is how I met your Aunt Cobie, Uncle Josh, Aunt Alyson, and Uncle Jason! (Although ironically it’s not how I met your mother. You don’t really have one.)

Cobie Smulders is an extraordinary person. She is a cool-ass chick, superfunny, supergenerous, and superhot without obsessing about it. Spending the last season planning our characters’ wedding was true to life for me, because she’s exactly the kind of woman I would want to marry if women weren’t all gross and icky. Classic Cobie story: Joss Whedon was going to turn Wonder Woman into a movie and asked her if she’d be interested … and she said no. Who does that? Cobie Smulders. She was clear-sighted enough to know she didn’t want her life trajectory to take her to a point where she had to constantly be aware of how she was looking for the paparazzi. She chose to actively avoid the A-list superstardom track, a choice most people would find insane, because most people aren’t as smart or grounded as she is. Instead she got a nice little part in The Avengers, and now she’ll get to be in seven Avengers movies and still be with her family and have a fairly regular life and go to the mall without hearing “Look, it’s Doogie!” all the time.

(I mean, “Look, it’s Wonder Woman!” “Doogie”?!? Ha! Don’t know why I said that.)

Jason Segel and I hit it off immediately. We bonded over our many common interests, above all our deep Muppetophilia. I didn’t think there was a bigger Henson fan than me until one day, halfway through the run, he quietly but proudly told me he was writing the new Muppet movie. He did, and not only was he the star, he almost single-hand-in-a-puppet-edly reinvented them for a whole new generation. I was extraordinarily jealous. He used to sit at the on-set piano and sing and play songs. He’s a hopeless romantic and a dashing lothario.

I used to joke that Josh Radnor was on the wrong show. I mean that in the best way. He instinctively fought against the over-the-top pitfalls of a multicamera comedy. Double takes, mugging, and shtick aren’t part of Josh’s makeup. Popular music was not popular to him. When Katy Perry guest-starred on the show, he said he’d never heard a Katy Perry song. He meant it. I said, “You’ve never heard ‘I Kissed a Girl’? You can’t escape it!” “Never heard of it.” He’s more of an NPR guy.* But ultimately he was on exactly the right show, because none of HIMYM’s lunacy and farce would have worked if it hadn’t been playing against something or someone authentically based in reality, and that was Josh. That’s why I also used to joke that HIMYM was always one Josh Radnor away from becoming a telenovela with all of us dressed as Bumblebee Man from The Simpsons.”

*Whereas I’m more of an NPH guy.
Get it? “NPH”?
I’ll show myself out.

Like I said before, I knew Aunt Alyson from my childhood acting days, long before HIMYM. I knew her for so long she already felt like family. There’s something about her that’s utterly ingratiating. She’s able to ride a great line between serious and totally ridiculous. And she can be supersweet and at the same time supersexual. As anyone who’s seen American Pie knows, no actor in history has ever been so disarming while discussing the vaginal self-insertion of woodwind instruments, and no, I’m not forgetting Betty White’s famous monologue in The Golden Girls. Alyson had two babies over the run of the show—real ones, the kind that make real poop—so she was always sort of the mother figure among us. I think she was the heart of the show, whereas Josh was the brains, Jason the spirit, Cobie the soul, and I was the cock.

- Neil Patrick Harris, Choose Your Own Autobiography

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Friends rewatch - 2x13 – The One After the Superbowl (Part 2)

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Karen Gillan - InStyle UK - September 2014

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Anna of Arendelle | The apprentice

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My dear followers, the time has come… *drum roll* MY FIRST GIVEAWAY IS HERE.

I was thinking about a valid reason/excuse to tell you where this came from but the true answer is I was procrastinating and then BAM! I started organizing this instead of memorising the bones of the face (Med School ain’t easy, kids).


  • This giveaway ends on November 22nd, at 11:59pm GMT (Lisbon/London time).
  • Apart from procrastination, I’m doing this as a thank you to my followers, so you must to be following me.
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  • If you win, I’ll message you and you’ll have to reply in 48 hours, otherwise I’ll choose another winner. This means you must have your ask box open in order to enter this giveaway.
  • This is an international giveaway – as long as Book Depository ships to your country. They’re pretty much worldwide (God bless this website) but you can check the list of countries here.
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  • There will be one winner.
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Good luck to everyone! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate and message me. Thank you all <3

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First Giveaway because … why not?



WELCOME TO my ”my followers are totally the best and they deserve this even though I’m ridiculously broke right now” - GIVEAWAAAAY

… and every word of this very catchy title is true.

This might be the giveaway with the most jacked up banner of all time, but ITS MADE WITH LOVE OKAY


  • Ends November 15th because I like that date
  • this should really reach like 50 notes or something, else we’re just gonna pretend it didn’t happen ok (please don’t embarass me)
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  • must be 18 or have parental consent
  • no giveaway blogs, thats not punk rock
  • message me if you have any kind of questions
  • may the odds be ever in your favour (or something)
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